Bobber Stops - 18 pack


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These Bobber Stops are perfect for flipping, pitching, and punching applications when targeting heavy cover, and pegging your weight is necessary to achieve the proper presentation. The wire applicators also make it very easy to affix the Bobber Stops to your line. Simply thread your line through the wire loop and slide the Bobber Stop onto your line. It's as easy as that.

- 3 Rings of bobber stops in each package

- 6 per Ring / 18 total per package

- Color: Black

-Bobber Stop Sizes:  Small, Medium, or Large  

Small includes 3 small rings  .4 cm in size.
Medium includes 3 medium rings  .5 cm in size.
Large includes 3 large rings .6 cm in size.
Combination includes 1 - Small .4 cm in size. 1 - Medium .5 cm in size. 1- Large .6 cm in size.

*local pick-up available