• Gambler Flapp'n Shad - 8 pack


    Gambler has produced possibly the ultimate paddle tail soft bait, the 6" Flapp'n Shad. The front half of the Flapp'n Shad is built like the standard fluke style soft jerk bait with a fish shape and a cut in the belly for your hook.  The back half features a long, thin tail with a big paddle for maximum flapping and thumping. Now when you twitch your soft jerk bait, you'll have the added advantage of the flapping tail.  You could also rig the Flapp'n Shad weedless and swim it through heavy cover like a weedless crankbait for a presentation few fish have ever seen. As with all Gambler soft plastic baits, the Flapp'n Shad is loaded with Bang pure crawdad and shad oils.

    If you have questions or want a color you do not see, please reach out to us using our "contact us" page.  Thanks!

    *local pick-up available