• Gambler Stinger - 7 pack


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    The new 4.25" Gambler Stinger has taken the best parts of other Gambler baits to create the most ideal flipping bait on the market. The Stinger combines the chevron body design from Gambler’s Craw Daddy and incorporates some modern ribs that produce a bulkier appearance and catch air as it falls to the bottom, leaving an enticing bubble trail.  Furthermore, the backside of the Stinger is built flat without ribs so there’s more plastic to hold hooks in-place and also prevent tearing.

    Another key feature of the Stinger is the new claw design, which is a thinned down version of Gambler’s Flappy Daddy and Mega Daddy claws, which produces a more subtle swimming action on the fall.  The Stinger is ideal for flipping and pitching heavy cover but does equally well as a jig trailer or on a Carolina-rig. Available in a variety of proven colors and loaded with Gamblers BITE scent, the Gambler Stinger is the product of years of research and refinement to give anglers one of the best flipping and pitching bait ever created.

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