• Rapala X-Rap Prop


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    The X-Rap® Prop marks the X-Rap family’s entrance into this productive category. Simply by adding X-Rap Attitude we have taken a good bait and made it great. Stainless Steel Props create X-size noise and splash, churning, spitting and gurgling with the slightest tug. Whether you’re fishing a snap and pause, straight or shredding retrieve, the counter-rotating blades ensure a straight track back to the boat. Tail drops down during pause allowing better hooks up. X-Rap finish with internal laser-etched scales and holographic foil create an impressive flash. Internal long-cast mechanism lets you cast into the most timid fish from far away, without spooking them with your boat. VMC® black nickel hooks all around with flash feather teaser tail on the stern. Hand-tuned and tank-tested to run straight and true right out of the box.

    • Stainless Steel Nose & Tail Propellers
    • Counter-Rotating Design Tracks Straight
    • Internal Long Cast
    • Internal Textured Scales, Gills and Fins
    • 3D Holographic Eye
    • VMC® Black Nickel Hooks
    • Flash Feather Teaser Tail
    • X-Style Finish

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