Trapper Tackle Standard Round Bend Treble Hook - 8 pack


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When your targeting bigger fish, the Trapper Tackle Standard Round Bend Treble Hooks offer the power you need to keep the upper hand. Featuring Trapper Tackle’s patented Trapper Box design that makes it more difficult for fish to throw the hook, which results in much higher fish landing ratios. They also feature sticky sharp Piercing Points for rock solid hook setting power. Ideal for changing out the stock hooks on most hard baits; which are often times insufficient for hooking and landing large, aggressive fish.  the Trapper Tackle Standard Round Bend Treble Hooks are innovative, high performance hooks made for anglers who demand the very best.

Make More Casts

-Holds live bait, natural and artificial lures better
-Re-rigging less means more time fishing
-Improved bait retention means more presentations that trigger strikes

Land More Fish

-Sticky sharp Piercing Point for rock solid hook sets
-Patented design is difficult for fish to throw
-Improved hook set and landing ratios

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