• Winn Split Grip Kit - Blue


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    Our new grip kit featuring top of the line Winn Grips puts control and comfort in the anglers hand and provides a tacky sure grip, even in cold and wet conditions.  Sustaining the popularity of Split Grips for custom rods is a "slimmer" profile fore grip.  This slimmer design has an outside diameter of .990 inches and length of 1.75".  Configured to the shape of popular mid grips on split grip casting rods is the "swell" profile. This new shape has a slight palming curve added to the profile. Outside diameter is 1.08 inches and length of 4.0". Combined with the 2.5" butt grip,  it creates a 3-piece component set and is available in four color schemes:  Black/Chartreuse, Blue/Blue, Charcoal/Black, Chartreuse/Black.